Disclaimer : We do not provide any legal or financial advice.   


 As a Washington State commissioned notary public, we perform an important role in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of critical documents in legal and commercial transactions while preventing fraud. For your convenience, as a mobile notary we travel to your doorsteps and provide expert guidance while walking you through sets of complex documents for a smooth signing experience.

  • The identification document (with Photo and signature) should be current or not expired for more than 3 years on date of notarization.
  • Note*– For loan signings the signer must present unexpired photo ID. Lenders do not accept expired ID.
  • Example of ID’s – Driver’s License, Passport, Govt. issued photo ID Card or documents.
  • The identification document should have a photograph of the customer along with their signature.

Yes, if the document is in same language that we speak (Punjabi, Hindi, or English). If the document is in any other foreign language the certification document should be in English for notarization.

Yes, if the signer provides a notary certificate. Please contact your attorney in case you need legal advice, as we do not provide any legal advice.

Yes, if the signer provides a notarial certificate.

Yes, we manage apostilles (official certificate that makes documents acceptable in another country). Call to find out the details.

Our business hours are 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM during weekdays. We offer our services in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

We provide services in Pierce, King, Thurston, Mason, North Lewis, and South Snohomish counties. Non-refundable travel fees are charged in advance unless you cancel the appointment with 4 hours advance notice.

Yes, we will happily accommodate and work around your busy schedule to provide the service that best serves your needs.

During e-Signings the signer is physically present in front of notary and signs all documents electronically. As for RON, the signer can be in any town, state or out of country and upload the documents for notarization during scheduled video call.

Yes, call to find out further instructions for successful signing and notarization. We currently use Notarize platform for completing secure RON Signings.

We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards.