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Mobile Notarization

We handle all documents requiring notarization services:

Notarial Services:
  • Notarizing an Acknowledgement
  • Witnessing or attesting signatures
  • Administering oaths or affirmations
  • Taking oaths or affirmations
  • Certifying or attesting a copy
  • Receiving or noting a protest of a negotiable instrument
  • Certifying an event has occurred or an act has been performed
ID requirements for Customers

Please ensure you can bring one (1) of the following photo ID documents to the signing to verify your identity. 

  1. A driver’s license
  2. A passport
  3. A government-issued identification card
  4. Another form of government issued identification with your signature and photograph

*Any one of these identifying document that is current, or expired (less than 3 years) is acceptable for notarizing documents in WA State. 

** Please note most loan signing companies require current ID’s and do not accept expired identification documents.